SAT 2ND JUNE 2018 - Running on Empty

This film collects just what it was like to be in Australia in the early 80's. It's about hot cars, hot chicks and hot times. The story begins when two local street racers agree to race Fox, the faster street drag racer there is. After two of the three race rounds, the race is no longer a game, but more of a survival!.
Running on Empty - Please print out receipt and use for ticket

Gates open around 3pm.  Film starts around 7:00pm when it gets dark enough . Come in earlier and have some fun at TenPin Bowling.  ​Hot chips, Burgers, Nuggets, Fish & Chips, Fisherman's Basket, Coffee, Icecreams, Drinks and Milkshakes are available up at the TenPin Bowling Cafe.